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We’ve had our old website for over a decade now. It was written by Philip, our percussionist and mandolin player, back in early 2009 (we think!), using an HTML editor and teaching himself as he went along. The old website has served us well over the years, and it’s a bit of a wrench to see it go. Getting a new website feels a bit like the moment when you finally trade in a well-loved, but worn-out old car for something modern that starts when you want it to and doesn’t need a helping push to get up steep hills: a bit less soulful, a bit more effective.

It had always felt fitting to have a homemade, low-fi quality to our website; as a band, the Earthquakers aren’t really focused on world-domination or massive commercial success, and a low-key site seemed in keeping with this. However, the one thing the old site can’t do is adapt to mobile browsers. If you want to read the old site on your phone, you need to have incredibly sharp eyes, or do a lot of zooming in and out to find the bit of text you want. Given the way most people use their phones now, it didn’t feel good enough.

So, we needed something more modern and effective. Did it have to be less soulful? That’s where our regular caller, Rob Phillips came in. As well as being a dab hand at bossing dancers around, Rob’s a great photographer. He’s been taking pictures at our ceilidhs for years, so when it came to putting together a new site it seemed obvious that we should use some of his work. Sure enough, it turned out Rob had lots of great images of the band, far more than we needed to build the new site.

In fact, Rob’s pictures were almost too soulful. The early version of the new site was chock full of images of the band looking deep and meaningful, but we needed it to show how much fun a ceilidh should be. Rob quickly came to the rescue again, with pictures of dancers drawn from a handful of different ceilidhs that we’ve played over past few years. They were very different events (one wedding, one festival, one birthday party), but the pictures show how much these three ceilidhs had in common: happy dancers, coming together to enjoy themselves and enjoying each other’s company.

So, here we are. A new site that’s should work on your phone and hopefully captures the feel of the band. We hope you like it. Most importantly, we hope it gives you any information you need about booking and organising a ceilidh. If there’s anything else you want to know, or anything you’d like to see on the site, do get in touch using our contact page.

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